Arif Riyanto

Hi folks,

I am a Product Designer with a real passion for human-centered design solutions, also has extensive experience as Front End developer.

By using human-centered design, I’m able to innovatively strategize, conceptualize, and ultimately deliver truly engaging customer experiences throughout a product’s lifecycle.

From the Gram 📸

Outside of designing, I like to hike. I’m also passionate about street and human-life photography because it’s an incredible medium that can inspire, connect people to the subject, and convey emotions.

Catch the thoroughly unrealistic highlight-reel over on Instagram. Most of the real-time updates on what I’m doing are there: @arifriyanto

Special note: This is a beta, there are only a few posts right now, but I’m constantly going to be adding more over the next few weeks to get everything up to speed. Just to set expectations.